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FAQs for NHS Volunteer Responders

PPE, uniform and ID

I am worried about cross-contamination when using my phone to show ID, shall I make my own ID badge?

Please do not create your own ID. Present your ID on your phone, keeping at least 2 metres away from the person you are supporting. If the person you are supporting is unable to see the ID, place your phone near the individual (e.g. doorstep) and step back. Ask them not to touch your phone while they’re checking the ID. Once the person you are supporting has stepped back, retrieve your phone. You could also show your ID by holding your phone up to a closed window if this is possible.

I would like to create my own T-shirt/uniform is this ok?

Please do not create a uniform, this is a non-uniform support programme.

This is to ensure there is clarity for those we are supporting about how to ID check their volunteer and to prevent the risk of people who are not volunteers creating replica uniforms that could potentially be used for negative purposes.

It is therefore vital that our NHS Volunteer Responders do not create their own uniforms and instead use their profile as identification within the GoodSAM app.  

Do I need to buy my own personal protective equipment (PPE)?

You will be required to wear a face covering during your volunteering, but you can claim back your PPE expense through the expense system.

Will I need PPE for Steward Volunteer (COVID-19 vaccinations) tasks?

Please bring a face covering with you for your shift. You can claim back your PPE expense through the expense system.


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