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FAQs for signing up as an NHS Volunteer Responder

Signing up process

I want to help, how do I sign up volunteer?


You can join us by signing up via the website

You will be asked to enter some basic personal details and attach a photo of your ID. Then select what support you can offer by selecting which of our volunteer roles you are interested in. Some of these roles do require an existing DBS so ensure you check this before selecting your roles.

Can I sign up to multiple roles?

Yes, there are various roles to choose from and you can sign up for as many as you are able to support. However, some of the roles require a DBS check:

  • Patient Transport role requires an Enhanced DBS Certificate with Adult Barred or Both Barred and needs to have been issued in the last 12 months.
  • Community Response Plus role requires an Enhanced DBS Certificate with Adult Barred or Both Barred and needs to have been issued in the last 12 months.
  • Check In and Chat Plus role requires an Enhanced DBS Certificate and needs to have been issued in the last 12 months

I cannot find my local authority on the list?

If your local authority is not displaying in the dropdown list, then recruitment for that area has either been filled or your area is coming in the next few weeks. Keep checking the site as locations will be added as demand rises.

I have completed the signing up form, what happens now?

You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. Once you do this you will receive a confirmation email advising you that we are now going through the verifying ID process. 

I have not received my “activate” email to confirm my email address?

Have you checked your junk/spam folder? If so, go back to the sign up page and click Resend my activation email.

I have signed up and verified my email address but have not heard anything? What’s next?             

Thank you for stepping forward and signing up. We are now verifying ID and this should be completed within 7 days, although this may be longer if we have a high volume of applications. You will then receive an email confirmation listing the roles you have been approved for, this will also include a link to download the GoodSAM app. Download the app (GoodSAM Responder) on Apple/Google Play stores and log in. Do not forget to switch to ‘on duty’ when you are available after this date and we can start matching you to local requests for support. 

I have applied for a role and I want to change the role I have applied for?

If you would like to change your role, please contact the Support Team on 0808 196 3382. They will be able to change this for you. However, some of the volunteering roles require a DBS check, please see the question above. You can only add roles that have the same vetting criteria for the role you’re currently signed up for.

I have registered but want to change my details that were keyed in when I originally registered?

If you would like to change any details, please contact the Support Team on 0808 196 3382.

I’ve been approved and received a confirmation email. The email states the roles I’ve been approved for, but I applied for more than those stated?

This means the ID checking team found something wrong with a DBS certificate and therefore deselected the roles that they could not approve you for. This ensures that you were still able to volunteer in the non-DBS roles you selected.

I’ve been accepted and have downloaded the app but I have been greeted with some medical questions and/or been instructed I will receive a GoodSAM identity card?

You have incorrectly attempted to register on the app which has taken you through a different route (e.g. NHS Volunteer Responders do not need a GoodSAM identity card – your profile on the app will become your ID). You do not need to register again, this was done via your sign up process. Simply log in using the email address and password you supplied during the sign up process. 

What is this app? I’m not a first aider?

GoodSAM is a platform that has been saving many lives for the last 5 years. It alerts those trained (from resuscitation to cardiac arrest) to nearby incidents, while the ambulance is on its way. It is because of its technology of coordinating volunteers to those in need, that the system has been adopted for the NHS Volunteer Responders Programme.

I have been approved but I have not received my Getting You Started Guide?

The Getting You Started Guide will be included as a link in the body of the first email you received when you registered. This is the same email that requested you to verify your email address. You can also find these on our website.

I have received a rejection email, can you tell me why?

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you the exact reason for rejection. We automatically delete your details on rejection for security purposes. The email that was sent lists the common reasons as to why rejections can happen.  You are more than welcome to reapply, however ensure you have read the information carefully so you can upload your ID/DBS in the correct way. You may want to consider using a different form of ID.



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