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FAQs for NHS Volunteer Responders

Concerns whilst volunteering

Please call our Support Team on 0808 196 3382 if you have any concerns.

Can I be tested for coronavirus?

Yes. If you, or someone you live with, has symptoms of coronavirus you are now eligible for coronavirus testing. If your test is positive do not return to volunteering duty until you have self-isolated in line with NHS guidance.


You can apply for a test on the website

I believe the person I am supporting has a mental health condition, what should I do?

There is further information on how to support a person who is living with a mental health condition. If you have concerns about someone you are supporting, or feel that it’s no longer appropriate for you to support them please call the Support Team and let them know on 0808 196 3382.

I have been unable to make contact with an individual, what should I do?

If you cannot get hold of the individual, please attempt to call them 3 times – ideally leave a gap between these calls. If there is no answer, select 'Pass to another volunteer' and this will move to another volunteer who will be able to try again later that day. DO NOT under any circumstances, turn up at the individual’s address. This could frighten a vulnerable person and cause them to withdraw from accessing support available to them. If you have received the same alert multiples times and are concerned for somebody’s welfare, please contact the Support Team 0808 196 3382 who can investigate.

The individual does not know why I’m calling, what should I say?

When a referral is submitted, we ask for the referrer to confirm that the individual is aware of this. However, there may be circumstances where this has not happened or there is confusion about who is calling. Please explain that whilst your title is NHS Volunteer Responder, you may have been asked to offer support by a local authority or another organisation. Tell the person about the support you have been asked to provide, for example if you have a Community Response alert, explain you can support with shopping or prescriptions etc. If they are still confused or unsure, please contact the Support Team on 0808 196 3382 and we can speak to their referrer.

I am a Community Response Plus Volunteer and have called an isolating person, they seem confused and do not want support?

Please call the Support Team on 0808 196 3382 so we can get in touch with the referrer. Please do not pass your contact details onto the isolating person.

The person I have contacted does not speak English, what do I do?

If you are unable to communicate with the person you have called, you could try to ask if they have a family member/friend you can contact instead. If this is not possible, please contact the Support Team 0808 196 3382.


Last updated 4 September



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