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NHS Transport Volunteer

An NHS Transport Volunteer provides essential support across the different NHS services, helping to move vital supplies to sites. In this role you may find yourself completing several deliveries to different locations.i


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You would carry out a number of key transportation and delivery services. These may include: transporting equipment, supplies and medications between different NHS sites. You may also be asked to transport testing and medical sample kits.

Watch our film and meet NHS Transport Volunteer Muhammed and find out about his role as a NHS Transport Volunteer. You’ll also find out about his volunteer experience, how he manages his volunteering via the GoodSAM app and the support offered to him as an NHS Volunteer Responder. You'll also find out why he volunteered and why you should sign up too.

You would provide essential support in ensuring that NHS services are able to get vital supplies.

Find out what volunteering is all about by reading some of our NHS Volunteer Responder stories.

In addition to our FAQS for signing up, you can find out more about volunteering in our FAQs for NHS Volunteer Responders and information to support you in your role in our facts sheets.






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