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Patient Transport Volunteer

As a Patient Transport Volunteer, you would provide vital transport to patients who are medically fit to attend routine medical appointments. Informati


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This includes taking patients from their home to local medical appointments, whether it be at their local GP surgery or the local hospital. You would be giving invaluable support for those who might otherwise be unable to get to and from important medical appointments.

You could be asked to provide inter-hospital transport and support and you can be assured that the people you would support would be able to move around unaided and be free of any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.

Watching our film and meet Patient Transport Volunteers Kimberly and Carolyn to find out about their role as a Patient Transport Volunteer and what they've learned during their volunteer experience. You'll also find out why they volunteered and some of the people they’ve been helping.

In addition to our FAQS for signing up, you can find out more about volunteering in our FAQs for NHS Volunteer Responders and information to support you in your role in our facts sheets.






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