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Pulse oximetry

Making referrals

To make a referral:

  1. When a patient has been identified as needing an oximeter, complete a new referral on
  2. From the drop-down options available, select:
    1. ‘Urgent Delivery Support’ from the list of task options
    2. ‘Pulse Oximeter’ from the drop-down list
  3. Insert the organisation name and address where the oximeter needs to be collected from and include the telephone number of the virtual ward. Once the volunteer accepts the alert, they will call you to clarify your requirements. Please explain that they should collect the pulse oximeter from the address on the alert and provide them with the patient’s address for delivery.

This is really important to ensure that the task is prioritised for volunteers.

  1. Once you have completed all the details required in the referral form, click submit and the GoodSAM app will immediately locate the nearest volunteer who is ‘on duty’. That volunteer can either accept the task or decline it. Ithe task is declined, it will pass to the next available volunteer and so on until someone accepts it. If the task is not picked up within 1.5 hours, an automatic push notification will go out to all volunteers in the area, stating that there is an urgent critical task that requires volunteer assistance and asking volunteers to put themselves on duty.
  2. We ask that you check your GoodSAM dashboard after 4 hours to ensure the task has been picked up. If the task remains unmatched, you can cancel the referral and identify a staff member to deliver the oximeter. (We are confident that this will not be needed in the majority of instances but ask that you have a backstop just in case).

Please note that tasks are currently ‘live’ for volunteers between the hours of 9am and 6pm. We would therefore recommend completing referrals early in the day where possible to ensure a match is provided. If a referral is made late in the day, it may not be picked up until the following morning. (We are in the process of extending the operational hours to 7.30pm)


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