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Pulse oximetry

What happens when the volunteer accepts the task?

  1. Once the volunteer has accepted the task, they will call the number you have provided on the referral form.
  2. They will obtain clarification from you regarding any additional information. Confirm that they must go to the location within the alert (address you provided within the referral form) to collect the pulse oximeter and provide them with the patient’s address for delivery. 
  3. When they arrive at the location specified on the referral form, they will show their ID to prove they’re on an active task and will be handed the ‘pack’ containing oximeter and any other kit you have agreed locally.
  4. The volunteer then delivers the oximeter pack and either posts it through the letterbox if it will fit or leaves it on the doorstep, knocks and steps back at least 2 metres so they can check that someone retrieves it from the doorstep before leaving. 
  5. If they encounter any difficulties, they will call the number of the virtual ward.
  6. We also have a central Support Team and all volunteers have the contact details of the Support Team should they encounter any difficulties.


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