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Paying for your shopping

If a volunteer is helping you with shopping or collecting prescriptions, you can discuss your preferred payment options with them when they phone to ask what you need.

There are a number of ways to pay such as:

  • Using online click and collect services from your local supermarket, if you share the reference number the volunteer can collect your shopping.
  • Some local shops allow you to place an order and pay in advance (this is not available in supermarkets).
  • Pay by phone at the checkout is available at some shops, including most Spar outlets. This allows you to pay from home, once the volunteer has completed the shop.
  • Gift cards, e-vouchers, pre-paid cards and Grocery Choice cards can also be used. The volunteer can use the card or the code to pay for your shop when they’re in store.

As a last resort, and if none of the other options are suitable, you are able to pay for the shopping with cash up to a limit of £45. The volunteer will always bring you a receipt and will follow necessary hygiene procedures when handling cards or cash.

Find out more about our payment options.


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