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The GoodSAM app

Using the GoodSAM app

  1. Now that you have registered as a volunteer, you will need to download the GoodSAM Responder app. Downloading the app will mean you will be able to receive alerts and request for support.

  2. To do this, follow the relevant link below and download.

Download it on the Apple Store


Get it on Google Play.

The app will look like this:

  1. Open the app and sign in using your email address and the password you set up during the sign-up process. Please note – you do not need to register on the app – only sign in.

  1. You will be asked to allow location access and notifications for the app. Please allow this in order to receive alerts/requests to your phone. You can check location access is on by going to your phone settings. This may look slightly different depending on the mobile phone you are using.


Location grab from GoodSAM


Location grab GoodSAM grab

  1. Check that you have switched all notifications on under your settings. This may look different depending on the mobile phone you are using.


Notifications grab from GoodSAM


Notification grab GoodSAM app

  1. Check the settings on the app to make sure you know how to put yourself ‘on duty’.This will ensure that you are alerted when a request for support is near you. See further information below.
    On duty illustration of Good Sam App

  2. You now need to set up your profile. This is essential as it becomes your identification for the police and for the person you are supporting. Go into the app and click on the ‘ME’ tab. Tap the circle and upload your photo (this must be a photo of yourself).

    GoodSam app front screen

    Note: You must show your ID to the person you are supporting. You should do this at a safe distance.

    If the person you are supporting requires further verification, you can call their phone number.

    You can also show the individual a copy of the alert/request for support if they require further identification.

  3. When a request for support is raised you will receive an alert. You will have the option to accept or reject the alert.
    Accept/reject screengrab from the GoodSAM app
    If you know you are unable to support a request (for example, you have accidently left your device as ‘on duty’), please reject the alert – this will move to the next volunteer.

    Rejecting an alert will not prevent further requests coming through to you, if you know you are not available to support, please toggle to “OFF DUTY” as stated in the guidance above.

  4. Once you have accepted the task, the first part of the message will show what support is required (for example, Community
    Response). Ensure to check the message to see whether the person has confirmed COVID-19.

    The details will be shown through a message within the app or you can find this under the ‘comms’ section.
    Screen grab of support required form the GoodSAM app.

    Please note that some referrers may request tasks that are incorrect for the support requested. Call the isolating person and explain that you can only carry out what you have been assigned for example, Check In and Chat support.

  5. Once you have completed the task click “CONTACTED – PROVIDED HELP”. This will prevent the task being passed to another volunteer. Please note that the message/information you have on the request will disappear once “CONTACTED – PROVIDED HELP” is clicked.

    IPhone view:
    Grab from Apple devise of GoodSAM app

    Android view:
    Grab from Android devise of GoodSAM app

  6. If you make contact and find out that they do not want any support at this moment in time then press “CONTACTED – NO HELP NEEDED”. If they inform you that they no longer want any support and want to be removed then press "CLIENT WANTS TO BE REMOVED". This will alert us that the referral needs to be cancelled and allow us to monitor this activity.

    If you accept a request but then find you are unable to complete the task or are unable to support a person with confirmed COVID-19, please press "PASS TO ANOTHER VOLUNTEER".

  7. If you attempt to make contact 3 times and are unable to reach the client then press "CLIENT DID NOT ANSWER". The system will recognise if multiple volunteers have selected this button for a task and it will automatically disable the alert to prevent it from circulating to further volunteers and the task will automatically be raised to the Safeguarding Team for investigation.

    Please note: The app is used by other organisations including medical professionals – If you are only signed up as an NHS Responder Volunteer then you will NEVER receive alerts relating to any medical emergencies. This is a completely separate programme.

    If you have any concerns then please call the Support Team – 0808 196 3382


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