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Check In and Chat Plus Volunteers

This service is identical to that offered by our other Check In and Chat Volunteers. However, our Check In and Chat Plus Volunteer service is provided by NHS Volunteer Responders who are also isolating themselves.


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What do Check In and Chat Plus Volunteers do?

In your role you’ll be contacting people that are isolating or unable to leave the house, by having a chat over the phone. You’ll be offering a friendly voice and a listening ear to those who may experience loneliness in the current situation.

By calling, you can help to provide:

  • Companionship and understanding from someone going through a similar experience.
  • Support by pointing people towards resources that may help them.
  • A listening ear for those who want to open up and talk about their situation.

Your own understanding of the challenges faced by shielding, self-isolating or limiting contact with others can be a source of support to those who may be at risk of loneliness.

Who is eligible for the Check In and Chat Plus Volunteer service?

A one-off or regular call from a volunteer who is similarly shielding may be required by someone who:

  • Has ever been advised to shield by a health professional.
  • Is vulnerable for another reason, (for instance, due to disability, pregnancy, aged over 70, has a long-term condition such as Parkinson's or epilepsy, or are vulnerable due to a mental health condition).
  • Is someone with caring responsibilities.
  • Is self-isolating because they’ve been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or have symptoms, or they’ve been in contact with someone who has.
  • Has been instructed to self-isolate by the ‘Test and Trace’ service, because they’ve been near someone infected.
  • Is self-isolating ahead of planned hospital care.
  • Has been instructed to self-isolate following entry into the country.

The programme is also open to frontline health and care staff.

Full guidance for getting you started

We have created a Getting You Started Guide to help get you started as a Check In and Chat Plus Volunteer. Please read this to understand how best to protect yourself and others as a volunteer and understand more about the following topics:

You can find out more about being an NHS Volunteer Responder in our FAQs and information to support you in your role in our facts sheets.


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